Monday, August 6, 2012

Me and Sadie

This is a post to introduce you to Sadie. Who is Sadie, you ask? Take a look. 

That, my friends, is Sadie. I have yet to get a picture of all of her, but I will once I wash her.
I was kind of in dreamland. I smiled. A lot.

I still had to do the "sticking out the tongue" pic though! :)

So ready to just go somewhere!!

 Sadie was my uncle's 1993 Thunderbird. Now...she's my 1993 Thunderbird. (And just in case you were wondering, Mom picked out the name Sadie). 
So here's the story behind Sadie:

I've been wanting a car. I don't have my license yet. Because we have such a big family, we own a Ford Excursion and I can't really learn how to drive or take a driver's test in that giant beast. So I have been praying for God to provide me with a car for quite a while. Close to a year. 

It just so happened that my uncle's Thunderbird decided to start putting up a fuss. It was running hot, using up water and being a regular nuisance. My uncle was getting fed up. He offhandedly mentioned to Dad that he was going to haul it off for scrap metal. This was over a month ago. 

Dad told him that if he really didn't want the car, to just sell it to him for me. When Dad told me that, I started praying. Hard. Harder than I've ever prayed in my life. Practically begging God for my uncle to sell us the car. It would be great. Thunderbirds are good cars, and I could haul kids around, and Dad could fix any problems it had. It was the perfect situation. 

God decided to make me wait. (As a side-note, if we had numbers in patience I would have maybe a -63.) 

So I waited. Impatiently. 

The second to last week of July, Dad called his brother and asked him about the car. My uncle said he was going to talk to my aunt and would get back to Dad. I waited some more. Did some more begging(um praying).
 The key to the trunk. The key to the ignition was dirty so I took a picture of the clean one :)

On Sunday night, July 29th, I was taking a shower. I do most of my serious praying in the shower. Mostly because that's when it's quietest around me. As I was praying I just said, "You know, God, You know that I need a car. You know exactly what kind of car I need. So You do what You know is best." 

On Tuesday, July 31st, my uncle called Dad and sold him the car. Yep, over the phone. That's the way we do business out here in the sticks. :) 

On Saturday, August 4th, I went down to my uncle's house, (he lives right down the road) hopped in my car, stuck the key in the ignition and drove home. It was the best feeling ever. 

I'm still in dreamland. I just want to go sit in her and just look at her and I just keep saying, "I have my own car." It's hard to believe. 

Getting a car seemed impossible. There was nothing I could do to make it happen. Nothing. It was out of my hands. 

"Jesus said to them, "With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."                                                                   Matthew 19:26


  1. There is no better feeling than owning your own car, huh? =) Just got mine back after 3 months of it being in the shop, so it's kinda like we both got new cars!

    1. Oh it's totally awesome! I just grin and sit it in, like all day. If you can't find me in the house, I'm out in my car. :) Yay for getting your car back!! :)

    2. We should totally hang out sometime before school starts . . . I forget; you're a senior, right?

    3. Yeah that would be fun! :) Yep, going into my last year. Hallelujah! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Well, that's the least I could do for my favorite Sunday school teacher! :) (I must get my license first though.:)

  3. Aw, so fun! My first car (I think Becca drives it now) is named Bonnie. Love naming cars :)

    1. It is so fun. :) And I love naming everything, whether it's a car or my iPod or stuffed animals! :)

  4. Girl, this post almost made me cry! I love the way the Lord answers our simple prayers and how specifically He knows exactly what we need. :) He can do anything!! Thank you for that reminder :)

    1. God did know exactly what I needed! Sadie and I get along great! :) Thanks for commenting! :)

  5. Replies
    1. I can't wait for you to meet her, Becca! :)

  6. I like sadie much better then ricky nelson!

    1. Who wouldn't?? Although...Ricky Nelson is much better looking! :)


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