Monday, November 18, 2013

loving every single day

you know something? i think we tend to get caught up in the "big moments" of our life. the days that grab us and shake things up. we focus on those, tell others about those, and take pictures of those. 

but you know what God is teaching me? to love every single moment of every single day. 
to love the way my hair feels after deep conditioning it. 
to love the silly pictures i take with thomas. 
to love my silly siblings who dress up as Ladybug and Yoda. 
to love Sunday afternoons spent bike riding and laying on blankets in the sun. 
to love the time that I get to spend with baby Zeke. 
to love a good cup of hot tea. 
to love watching our football team. 
to love how much he loves me. 
to love this big crazy family of mine. 
to love every single day. 

and yeah, I get that it's not always easy. but friend, Jesus died on a cross for you. when we start taking what Jesus did for us for granted is when we become unhappy. just think about how precious you are to him and that will help you love every single day. 

love you.