the girl

"and then her heart changed, or at least she understood it;
and the winter passed,
and the sun shone upon her."
j.r.r. tolkien

hello dear friend.

i'm sure you've come here to try and 
learn a little more about me and figure out what i'm all 
about, and so i will try my best to kind of fill you in on who
this girl is and what makes her happiest. 

the name is Jennifer, but most people call me Jen.
you can too if you like.

i'm a twenty year old country girl who loves family,
friends, coffee, naps, food,
music, words, slovakia, flowers, old black and white
movies and sunshine.
sunshine is kind of like a happy juice.

Jesus saved me. there is grace upon grace.
i'm forever changed because of that.
'i'm not the same me, and that's all the proof i need.'

i'm a personal assistant/piano teacher by day,
a musician, writer and part-time
comedian by night.
because i'm only funny some of the time. hehehe.

i'm the oldest girl in a family of ten kids.
i have six brothers, so i know how to
pack a punch and climb trees,
and three sisters, so i know all
about barbie dolls and tea parties, too.

this is my blog, which means its a reflection
of who i am.
happy. free. confused. lonely.
all at the same time.
impetuous as the wind, restless as the stormy sea.

i'm very glad you're here.
say hi and then we can become the best of friends.

much love and hugs,


  1. Hi Jennifer! Thanks so much for the lovely comment on our blog!! It made our day:) Glad to meet another Christian! You should start blogging more:)

  2. Fred Astaire? Why yes, yes please. Looking forward to getting to know you much more. <3 you :)

  3. G'day!
    New to your blog and love it so far! We seam to have a bit in common too which is nice :)


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