Monday, October 28, 2013

a post from the sis

[call me absolutely crazy...but my sis is guest-posting for me today...and she cut me ZERO slack. like, this is real, y'all. to be honest when I first read it, I was like, 'you expect me to publish that???' but, we all know how I want to be honest on this little blog. so here goes absolutely nothing...]

Hi there! My name is Jessie and I am Jennifer's little sister. I can't believe I am actually doing a post on her blog. Anyway, I am supposed to be telling you my point of view of the Slovakia trip. (Oh boy)      Oh yeah, that’s me :)  But I really wear glasses. (Jen here. she had a different picture here but I took it out and put this one in. hehehe) 
  So one night we were in the living room and Mom sprung the most absurd idea ever on Jennifer. It was epic y'all. I think Jennifer might have already gone through all that jazz, I am not much on details. Anyway the gist was that Mom thought Jennifer should go to Slovakia and Jennifer was totally against the whole thing. I thought mom was crazy. So yeah.
After awhile Jennifer was convinced and she said she would go. Then a little while later she started to get excited about it, and let me tell you, when she gets started on something she keeps on talking about it and talking about it. As it drew close I was ready for her to go just so I wouldn't have to hear about it anymore. Everyone was over reacting in my eyes. Mom cried some and all the kids just flocked around her. I was disgusted. (I have a fairly hard heart). I told them that it wasn't like she was going away for forever.

 The day came. Everyone was hugging her and Jake wouldn't stop crying. I was on my bed in our bedroom reading. She walked up to our door and said, "Well we are leaving." I looked up and waved and then went back to my book. She looked me for a little while then asked, "Is that it? We aren't going to hug or anything?"  I sighed and stood up, when we hugged I burst into tears. (horror of horrors) She kinda laughed at me and walked out. I just sat on my bed and cried. But like I said I have a hard heart and about forty-five seconds after she walked out the door I went in the living room and said, "Put in the 'Get Smarts'! (one of our favorite tv shows) 
  I have to admit I was in paradise while she was gone. I was the oldest girl, had my own room and was not getting bossed around. I didn't really miss her. Okay I did miss her one tiny bit. 

We texted or voxed every night. I loved having my own room. I could listen to what I wanted and do what I wanted. And I have always liked Jennifer but it was still nice.

Then it was time for her to come home. I was sooooo excited. I couldn't wait to tell her everything that happened while she was gone. 

Boy was I in for a shock. 

When she got home she was emotional and mean. She kept telling us to leave her alone and that we were all so annoying. Mom had said that we should give her grace but heck, she could forget that. I got really mad at her. She was always talking about how amazing that place was and how they let her have a little privacy. Everything here was like dirt compared to the same things in Slovakia. It got to the point when she would say, "I wish I was in Slovakia"!  I would retort "I wish you were to so I wouldn't have to listen to you"! Have any of y'all ever spent a few weeks with a grizzly bear? DON'T!!! 

(Jennifer here: um. yeah all that is incredibly true. I cried every day for like 2-3 weeks. I was grumpy and basically hated my life. it was rough). 

So that was how that was. Interesting. We are going to go through this again next year. But now I am looking forward to the cookie jar she is bringing me back which just happens to be red! (My favorite color.)

Now we are back to our normal weird, crazy, happy selves.

(blog owner here: I can't believe I published this. honestly). 

have a happy Monday!