Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Birthday

Today is a very special girl's birthday. She's turning 21. And I'm super happy and excited for her.

On Michael's and Heather's wedding day (May 2011)

I've known Becca since my childhood. We've literally known each other all our lives.
But then she and Thomas started hanging out and being buddies and then eventually fell in love and
now they're getting hitched.

Christmas Day 2011

So now, a girl that I've known for forever and a day is one of my best friends ever. She's
the bomb.
Over the past two years, I've shared so many secrets with Becca and just laughed and talked and
prayed with her.

Once tomorrow comes, it'll only be 36 days til the biggest day of Becca's 21st year. Her wedding day.
The day she marries her best friend and lifetime crush.
The day she marries my big brother.
September 15...the day that two of my best friends get married. To each other.

November 2011 (shortly before Thomas' 21st birthday)

When I say that Becca is my best friend, it's totally true. 
She's funny. She can make me laugh really hard. And we always have a good time together.  Even when I'm spilling all my secrets, we end up laughing and just acting like girls.

She loves Jesus so much. She makes me want to love Him as much as she does. She's so good at bringing Him up no matter what we're discussing. She always has some encouraging words no matter what the situation. And I love that about her.
Long time ago...

I can totally trust her. She knows all my secrets. That's what big sisters are for, right?
Becca is everything a big sister should be. She's funny. She knows when to just let me talk and when to give me advice.

She loves Jesus more than anyone or anything and it's totally obvious.

She loves Thomas so much. She's creative and crafty and artsy and all that good stuff.

She is everything she should be and so much more.

So here's to Becca's 21st birthday.

And here's to many more long talks, much laughter, maybe some tears here and there, lots of water,
some running, hundreds of songs, many birthday cakes and secrets.

Here's to you, Becca. :)

Love, Jen

p.s. I love you :)


  1. LOVE.very touching.what an amazing relationship.I pray my children grow up to be just like you.p.s. kiss your mumma from Australia :))

    1. Thanks for commenting! :) It's great to have your siblings be your best friends, because they'll never let you down, and never give up on you. :)

  2. Oh Jennifer!
    Your love for Becca shines through your words. She sounds like an amazing gal!
    Happy Birthday, Becca!

    1. She is really amazing! :) Thanks for your sweet words!

  3. Great Post jennifer & Happy Birthday Becca!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Heather! I'll miss seeing you tonight!! :)

  4. awww. thank you so so much! I love the happiness of this! yay yay yay!
    [and ps. these photos make me look like a nut. am I a nut? ha ha. love it]

    1. you're so welcome!I hope your day was super amazing and happy! :)
      (and yes, you are a nut. but that's okay :)


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