Friday, August 9, 2013

slovakia, part 5: church, host homes and school decorating

Sunday morning came bright and early. (every morning in Slovakia came bright and early!!) we got up and ate breakfast and got ready for church. I was super excited about my first "Slovakia church experience."

Michaela translating for Pavle

clockwise starting with red and white stripes: Paul, Hutch, Pica, Mr. Lou, David, Emily, me, David and Samuel
the service that morning was absolutely wonderful. I can't even describe it. people singing in English, Slovak and Romanian. prayers prayed in different languages. testimony sharing. singing duets. Mr. Hayward sharing some stories. team introductions. it was wonderful.

after church, Emily and I went to a host home for lunch. our family was absolutely AHHHMAZINGGGGG! yeah, folks. they rocked. Stefan and Katarina and their little daughter, Deborah. she was an absolute sweetheart. they were all just the greatest.

Stefan shared stories with us. he told us about his past and how God worked in his life. he told us about how he proposed to Katarina. showed us his wedding picture album, and pictures of Deborah. it was the greatest thing. I didn't want to leave.

after that, we went to the school to decorate. I have zero pictures of this process....but LUCKY FOR Y'ALL....some of the team was better about picture taking than I was.
this is what the rooms started out like

and then this is what the AMERICA room looked like after 
assembly room 

the assembly room again 

and that's the general idea of the decorating.

(I fell off of a chair that day. I hit the floor so hard that my vision seemed black for a minute and my ears were ringing...but it didn't hurt me. everyone freaked out. Pica said I was "very strong" because he thought I would be very hurt...but I had slammed my tail bone...and let me tell you, a few days later I was very hurt. painful it was...)

and then we went to the center for drug addicted people, but that story won't be told until tomorrow.

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  1. what was the name of that church? Sounds great. Most of the church in Slovakia are catholic and almost empty with almost no young people. It's great to see some change in the right direction. Zuzana


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