Thursday, November 1, 2012

learning about contentment

If any of you are like me at all, you will relate to this. You'll totally get the fact that I struggle with being content. You'll understand that I long for change. You'll be right there with me on the minimal patience thing. 

Lately, God's being teaching me a lesson about contentment. He's been teaching me that it isn't a huge deal. That it isn't about tomorrow or three years down the road. He's taught me that contentment is about today. It's about how I react to today and the situations I encounter today. 

 If you really stop to think about it, contentment is all about being grateful. It's all about being thankful for what you have and not wishing for other things. So this post is about some things I'm super thankful for. 

 How could I not be thankful for that adorable thing? Zeke is amazing. He spent all day Saturday with us and we got to have some "Aunt Jen-Zeke" time. It was great! :) 

 Absolutely gorgeous sunsets. 

That picture. It's on my wall and makes me laugh every time I look at it.

 Those two people. That picture. Seriously. Makes me smile every time I see it. (Yes, you can say "aww...")

And then that girl. She's a really good friend of mine, Frances. We got to hang out for a while on Sunday night. She's hilariously funny, beautiful inside and out, and loves Jesus a whole lot. (And that's her boyfriend, Micah, who just so happens to be as nice and funny as she is. It must be because they're both second-born children. I don't know :). 

and then there are random things that I'm grateful for that I don't have pictures for:
-my iPod (even though it's on it's deathbed)
-Mom's blog (go check it out. I mean it. She will explain some of the reason why I have been absent here lately)
-my bed
-talking with good friends under the stars with the smell of smoke filling the fall air
-my guitar
-Voddie Baucham sermons (You should listen to this one)  

I'll be back soon with more posts about life and some of the things God is teaching me. 

Until then, stay strong, friends, and have a happy weekend.


  1. WOW!! That was touching!! Amazing!!! :D

  2. Such true words, sweet girl :) Just emailed you about this very thing :)


  3. I love this so much!! I've been struggling with this lately, too, especially as I baby shop. I want want want. But I just need to be content in what we have. Thanks for sharing your beautiful heart!! Love you!!


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