Monday, October 1, 2012

Wedding Recap, Part 1: Thursday (ironing, Heather and Zeke) and Friday (day with the girls)

It's time to start our little wedding recap! Excited?? Okay, well let's get started!

Uncle Sam and Baby Zeke :)
Thursday, September 13th, was Sam's 11th birthday. Heather and Zeke came over and hung out with us for most of the day. Sweet mama and baby were so fun to be with as always.

Michael was in Alabama at a church conference, so I was planning to spend the night with Heather that night and then hang out with Becca and the other bridesmaids on Friday. 

But...on Thursday I had some stuff I had to do. So here's what Thursday looked like in pictures:

packing my bags

ironing. had to iron all the guy's shirts and ties

brownies. need I say anything else?

Sam's birthday cake :)
After we ate birthday cake and everyone was happy, Heather and I headed back to the apartment. Poor Zeke was not too happy about being in the car, and may or may not have cried the whole way home. But once we got to the apartment he was happy as a lark. Heather fed him and he got to "talk" to his daddy on the phone, and then went to sleep. 

Heather and I stayed up late talking, and laughing and just enjoying each other's company. It was so nice to be able to hangout with her for a while. Definitely doing that again soon!

Friday morning came! Hung out with this cute guy!

seriously? is he not adorable?? :)
After coffee and breakfast, Heather took me into Savannah and dropped me off at Becca's house. Thomas was there, along with Meagan (Becca's former roommate) and Lindsay (Becca's sister). Oh yeah, and Becca. =) They were all lounging, laughing at Thomas' jokes, and showering. In that order. After everyone had lounged, laughed and showered, Becca began preparing to ice her wedding cake. Thomas left to do his own thing and we moved to the dining room, where this happened:
yummy cake

the icing was amazingly good
Becca and Meagan ran to CVS really quickly, and Lindsay and I sat around and chatted.  After they got back, and everyone was ready, we headed to eat lunch. We went to the Green Truck Pub, and boy, was it ever delicious!! 
Lindsay, Meag and Becca walking towards Green Truck
Becca's dad, her brother, Scott, and Carson, Lindsay's husband were in Savannah doing some wedding deliveries, so they stopped by while we were enduring our 45 minute wait and talked to us for a while. Carson took this picture of us girls.
Becca, Lindsay, Meagan and me
After what seemed like an everlasting wait, we went inside and ordered. The was amazing!! =) Their french fries were delicious. I'll definitely be visiting there again soon! 

We ate until we were stuffed, and then ate some more (cough, cough, Meagan and Jen). Then we loaded into the car and headed to paint pottery! It was so much fun! 

We walked in and stood around indecisively trying to pick out our pieces. Then we stood around some more. Finally, I picked a leaf dish, Becca picked a plate, Meag picked a little vase and Lindsay picked a cool (and practical) spoon rest! =) Then we picked out our colours. This is what I started out with:

Painting pottery was a good way to spend time together, because we didn't really feel pressured to talk, but when we did it wasn't awkward because we were working at the same time. It was fun and I enjoyed it a lot. Becca was a little out of it though; at one point, Lindsay and Meagan were discussing the time and Becca said, "oh yeah, we have some wedding thing to go to tonight, don't we?" Um, yeah, Becca, as in your rehearsal dinner!! =)

The girls hard at work

Becca and Meagan
Once all our pieces were finished,  we headed to the church to "help set  up tables" and get the fellowship hall ready for the rehearsal dinner. When we got there, Thomas was laying on the couch in the fellowship hall and everything was already set up and ready. He and Becca sat on the couch and talked while I took their picture. 

Since there wasn't much we could do there, we went back to Becca's house to prepare for the rehearsal dinner. 

That's when I started getting nervous, excited and a little sad. All day I had managed to not think about it, but then it all of a sudden hit me, "oh my gosh, we are getting ready for the rehearsal dinner. Thomas is getting married!!!" Yeah. But I got myself all ready and around 6ish, we headed back to the church. But you'll hear all about that tomorrow.


Thank you so much for reading and commenting! You make me smile! Have a fantastic day, friend.