Monday, September 9, 2013

slovakia, part 12: to the pool we will go

hi friends! so we're back for part 12 of the great Slovakia recap of 2013. (hopefully, I will finish this recap before 2014. ha!)

wednesday! it was July 3rd and we were embarking on an adventure. camp started out that morning as usual, with lots of chasing my boys through the hallways; gratefully accepting assistance from Filip, David C. and David M; lessons, translating and then lunch time. after lunch we all piled gathered outside and started walking. we walked and tried to keep the kids from getting run over and then we finally reached our destination, with every kid in camp. 62 kids.

now, let me just take a moment to discuss the seating arrangements in Slovakia. I only wore a seatbelt one time the entire time I was there. partly because, most of the time, there wasn't a seat belt in the seat I was in. partly because we just didn't wear them. so anyway...moving on...

we arrived at the pool and everyone changed into their swimsuits and applied sunblock. I miraculously didn't get burned that day.

there were three pools. and there were hundreds of people in those three pools. (that's not an exaggeration, I swear). and we had to at least attempt to keep an eye on our kids. make sure no one drowned or died or killed anyone. haha!

there was a really big, deep pool. a small, not as deep pool and then a heated pool. the heated pool was by far my favorite. it felt so so good. plus, if you got in either of the other pools, the kids immediately tried to drown you. they liked to dunk, and then not let you back up. not my favorite past time.

we were there for about 3 hours. then we managed to gather all our kids up and head back to the school. we arrived back at school with 62 kids, and they were the same 62 kids we left with! we dismissed and then all went back to "the ranch" to prep for a church service that night.

church that night was so refreshing. made us all ready for a few more days of camp. and that was our Wednesday!

I'll be back soon with a post about a certain little boy who was an absolute nightmare, and one of my favorites.

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