Tuesday, January 1, 2013


2012 is over, friends. That is so strange to me. I had so many things I wanted to say about it, but due to some circumstances that I'll be posting about soon, words just wouldn't come. So here's 2012 in review in pictures. Not in any order, at all, but just random. Some important, some seemingly unimportant, but all special.

trip to Savannah with Mom (December)

first day of school (August)

Jamie spent 5 days in the hospital (August)

Daddy and our sweet cousin Violet (November)

Cousin Rob (November)

The cousins (November)

turned 18 (December)

went to the State Fair (October)

held this little man a lot (October)

got to see these two people a lot
ate ice cream (August)

fell in love with this band (June or July)

sang in a three musicals at church, an Easter, Missions and then Christmas one (October)
watched him grow 

got a car (August)

watched these two people get married (September)

and posed for fun pictures (September)
watched some of my best friends graduate from highschool and wrote them letters (May)
had dance parties (April)

this little guy was born and my big brother became a dad (April)

Jake learned to drive the lawn mower and gave Thomas rides (May)

celebrated Mother's Day with the best mom ever (May)

took trips to the zoo
spoke at Thomas' and Becca's rehearsal dinner (September)
started working for this boy (July)
grew closer to Daddy
began a friendship with Mrs. Kathy (January)
started this blog and wrote about things I never expected to write about (July)
became more of a thinker and less of a  talker
realized how much I want to be a mom

used sparklers to celebrate Thanksgiving (November)

got to meet my cousin Janice, who laughed at Michael's jokes (November)
2012 was a good year. But I'm definitely ready for 2013. Here's to the new year.


  1. I love reading your blog and how you look at things around you and in your family, thank you for sharing and being real. You had a great 2012. I know we are not close or even know each very well but I love your mom she is the “best mom ever “. I do not have any daughter’s but I now have a daughter-in-law and reading your blog helps me to understand the mind of a young women, being around guys well it has its moments and I do love my guys, but if the truth be known paintball battles, trucks, jeans, burps, drinking out of the jug, etc. can get tiring xD But on the other hand I know when they are all gone, oh how I will miss their presence and all that comes in a boy package. Well just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your post, have a happy and blessed New Years; God has great plans in 2013 stay the course run the race and stay at peace, God is good ~ gina legge

    1. Gina,
      "Best mom ever" here...you my friend, are something special. I always love talking to you because you are so encouraging. Thank you for encouraging my girl!! Stephen's wife is a lucky gal to have a
      m-i-l like you!! Love you!! Dawn

    2. Wow. Thanks for your encouraging words, Ms. Gina. I appreciate them so much! And thanks for reading. :) It means a lot. (and I agree, she's the best mom ever. :)

  2. Sounds like you had a pretty terrific year! I hope this year is even better!! Thanks for commenting on my blog, it's crazy awesome how much we have in common! :) You have a fantastic blog!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Sarah! and thank you for taking the time to check out my blog! :) Have a great weekend!!

  3. Jennifer, this post is precious.

  4. I might keep reading this post over and over, because you highlighted the best parts of 2012 for us. None of that ugly, stressful stuff that happened!! Besides, I like all the pictures of the people I love the most!!

    1. Aww. :) I love you! And I love the pictures too!!


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